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About us

Owing to its developments and innovations consistently focusing on domestic demands, the 100 per cent Hungarian owned OPTEN Informatics Ltd. has been a major player of the business information market since 1994.

OPTEN Ltd. has decades of experience and special company information systems to promote controlled receivables management processes and the efficient moderation of losses arising from non-payment. Our continuous developments and innovations have been recognized and highly esteemed by a number of professional forums. From 2012 till 2014, in every year, the OPTEN brand was honoured with the Business Superbrands award. In 2011, the Hungarian Association of Content Industry (MATISZ) granted the Excellent Hungarian Content title to the company's website with the acknowledgment of “Professional business databases behind IT systems”. The OPTEN – Relationship Network service ranked first in the Invitel's 2010 InnoMax competition. Since then, this latter development has become a key element of the risk analysis processes of the entire sector of financial institutions.

It is important to see, that while business sectors backed by risk analysis (commercial banks, leasing and factoring companies) nurture high culture in the continuously developing, information-oriented world of customer rating, many companies are not sufficiently prepared for the management of heightened risks. Whether it is pre-rating (on the basis of corporate demographics, financial or payment-related experience) or the continuous monitoring of existing partners, one needs to keep pace with the changing economic environment, and be aware of the available solutions.
Our consistently growing and improving company offers a steady background for the provision of high-standard and calculable services, ongoing innovation. Beyond our own business pride, these results mean for us that the actors of domestic business life understand and recognize the rationale, usefulness and necessity of the information services provided by OPTEN Kft.

There are numerous of contended subscribers who in their daily work processes utilize the information that we supply. Please get acquainted with our services, and become one of our satisfied subscribes.

Our mission

Our company's philosophy lies in our endeavour to assist business entities in their pre-decision activities and decision-making by providing them with helpful and reliable economic and marketing information in order to make them more effective and successful. Financial institutions with their specific demands, large companies and budgetary institutions; the companies of the SME sector, accountants, auditors and lawyers can equally rely on the professional background offered by our services. With the everyday use of up-to-date, accurate and high-quality data, the business risks of companies can be efficiently mitigated, sales are boosted, or European Union grant funds become accessible.

Our company seeks constantly to satisfy customers’ needs with our activity and to work out a long-term, fruitful, on common advantage and confidence based relationship. We act strictly according to the international law and official requirements, in special consideration of observing the data protection rules.

Our aim is that the professional reputation of our firm to ensure the gain of the trust of our counterparts, the safekeeping and the improving of our competitiveness and quality ability.


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